MedTech innovators present as Campden Wealth returns for the 32nd MTi Forum

By Glen Ferris

Companies developing robotic assistance for spine surgery, innovative treatment of cataracts, 3D cardiac modelling software, extracorporeal respiratory support systems and therapy for glaucoma surgery scar prophylaxis will exclusively present in-person as Campden Wealth returns to Lausanne, Switzerland, for the 32nd edition of the MedTech Investing Forum on June 6 and 7.

Since 2003, MedTech investing (MTi) has brought Campden Wealth’s community together with general partners from venture capital, innovation and investment managers from biotech, pharma and medical devices multinationals, as well as start-ups and SMEs looking for smart capital.

The conference programmes are developed in conjunction with the MTi Investor Advisory Board. Critical topics exploring established, nascent and anticipated evolutions of wellbeing and health monitoring, diagnostics, treatments, regulations, scaling and business structures are debated with experienced leaders and investors.

Campden Wealth’s faculty represents the truly global nature of the healthcare and life-science venture ecosystem with panellists drawn from leading organisations from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, and featuring exciting investment opportunities.      

Cyber Surgery, a medical device company developing a new robotic assistance for spine surgery, has developed a novel patient tracking technology which offers a different approach from current solutions. This disruptive technology increases accuracy and improves patient safety and it will allow the robot to be used for other spine procedures and expand to new surgery fields not currently addressed. Additionally, the system uses artificial intelligence to support the surgeon, optimise the user interface and provide business intelligence for hospitals.

The technology has been thoroughly validated in anatomical models and human cadaver and is ready for clinical trials in September 2022. Chief executive officer Jorge Presa, PhD (pictured right), will be attending MTi in order to find investors with the further aim to obtaining CE and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, creating the distribution network and installing the robot in 25 hospitals globally.

Edinburgh Biosciences is a disruptive technology leader working towards a global solution for diagnosis and treatment of cataracts. This growing problem for our ageing population causes gradual lens opacity and, if untreated, eventual blindness. Edinburgh Bioscience has developed a new light-based non-surgical treatment – photobleaching cataracts with a focused LED. This innovation in cataract treatment has already proven successful in early clinical trials with efficacy endpoints being reached and confirming no adverse events were suffered by patients.

With chief executive officer Dr Graham Bell (pictured left), Edinburgh Biosciences is now moving towards a crucial phase of development, preparations are nearing completion and regulatory approvals are being sought, for clinical trials scheduled in spring 2022 which should lead to medical device CE marking in 2024. The company holds strong IP in six key global territories as it moves towards its goal of commercialisation of its technology, and has already secured around $4 million in investor funding over the past two years.

inHEART is a spin-off from IHU Liryc, a world-leading research institute on cardiac electrical disorders. Based in Bordeaux, France, inHEART was founded in 2017 after eight years of research to bring to market the world’s most sophisticated 3D cardiac modelling software platform. It leverages computerised tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) images to deliver clear and precise maps of each patient’s unique cardiac anatomy, principal and collateral structures and myocardial tissue characteristics.

Led by president and chief executive officer Todor Jeliaskov (pictured right), inHEART’s digital twin of the patient’s heart allows physicians to individualize and optimize each patient’s treatment strategy to improve efficiency and precision and support reduced procedure times and greater procedural success. The inHEART technology has already been used in more than 50 centers worldwide  and more than 3,000 patients have been treated so far. It was included in the 2019 international recommendations of experts for ventricular tachycardia ablation. inHEART has a CE mark and FDA registration for its modeling software.

Inspira Technologies is an innovative medical device company in the respiratory care industry.

Led by president and co-founder Joe Hayon (pictured left), Inspira is developing the ART system, a cost-effective early extracorporeal respiratory support system with an intent to function as an artificial lung for deteriorating respiratory patients.

The ART is designed to utilise a hemo-protective flow approach aimed at rebalancing oxygen saturation levels while patients are awake and breathing, potentially minimising the patient's need for invasive mechanical ventilation. The company’s product has not yet been tested or used in humans and has not been approved by the FDA or the CE or other required regulatory agencies.

Radiance Therapeutics is commercialising the therapeutic innovation of beta therapy for glaucoma surgery scar prophylaxis. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness and Radiance Therapeutics’ product provides compelling clinically proven superiority outcomes in treating advanced glaucoma.

Prof Sir Peng Khaw (pictured right), the founder and director of Radiance Therapeutics, developed the therapy at University College London and the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital. Sir Peng was knighted by HM Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to glaucoma surgery.

Radiance Therapeutics is seeking top-up funding for commercialisation of this therapeutic advance in ophthalmic medical devices. This therapeutic innovation occurs within the growth industry of ophthalmic medical devices with a 40% CAGR and an active M&A market with billion dollar exits.

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