Ownership and Management

Family company reduces environmental footprint

America may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of countries looking to improve their environmental footprint, but one family company is determined to help the superpower buck the trend.

SC Johnson has struck a five-year deal with Spartan Renewable Energy to power 46% of its second largest North American manufacturing plant in Bay City, Michigan. Giant windmills will provide approximately 31.5 million kilowatt hours and help keep 29,500 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere annually.

The energy saved is comparable to the energy needed to supply 1,800 average homes a year, and the CO2 reduction is equivalent to taking almost 3,000 cars off of the road annually.

Herbert Fisk Johnson III (pictured), chairman and CEO, is the fifth generation of his family to lead the cleaning products firm and is keen to highlight his company's green credentials.

"In addition to helping accomplish our global renewable energy goal, this initiative further reduces the company's reliance on coal-fired electricity," he said. "As a family company, we're committed to exploring innovative technologies that hold the promise of cleaner, more efficient energy."

The addition of this renewable energy source enables the firm to achieve two more of its 2011 environmental goals: achieving an 8% absolute reduction in GHG emissions in the US; and achieving a 12% absolute reduction in GHG emissions at all worldwide factories.