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Ex-Rothstein Kass principal launches Flynn Family Office

By Rita Kirzhner

Family wealth specialist Rick Flynn has founded his own family office services business earlier this month after leaving US accounting consultancy Rothstein Kass.

Flynn Family Office (FFO) will not manage or allocate client assets.

It will work with partners with single and multi family offices advising on areas including manager selection, operational company liquidity events, non-investment talent acquisition, and philanthropy consulting.

Previously the principal-in-charge of the family office group at Rothstein Kass, Flynn has more than a decade of experience working with family offices and ultra-high-net-worth families.

FFO is backed by Focus Financial Partners, a partnership of independent wealth advisors with $60 billion in client assets.

“As ultra-wealthy individuals and families increasingly see asset management as a commoditised offering, the true trusted adviser is the problem solver,” Flynn said in a press statement.

“Because we don’t manage assets, FFO is able to bring together elite teams of professionals and qualified service providers and manage all aspects from advanced planning and philanthropic activities to concierge healthcare and personal security.”