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Signia MFO announces latest hire

Signia Wealth, the multi-family office launched in March 2010 by ex-Coutts senior manager Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe, has appointed Mark Elliott as managing director.

Elliott (pictured) joined Signia from Barclays Wealth, where he set up the financial institutions group and professional practices business in 2007. He has close to 20 years experience in private client management, banking, credit, financial planning and wealth structuring.

This is the 19th hire made by Dauriac-Stoebe, an ex-Coutts banker, since she opened the office in March. When talking to Campden FB in June, Dauriac-Stoebe explained that in order to maintain the level of client service the office was set up to provide, she planned to take on new staff every 15 new clients Signia gained.

Elliott's role at Signia will be to develop ultra high net worth client relationships and support CEO Dauriac-Stoebe.

Signia was launched as a MFO to focus on the needs of ultra high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs and now has over £1 billion (€1.2 billion) of assets under management. (Continue reading here)

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