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Revolutionary life sciences and healthcare solutions for early investors unveiled at MedTech

By James Beech

Early bird families, private wealth holders, healthcare corporations and venture capitalists will access cutting-edge life science innovations at Campden Wealth’s milestone 30th MedTech Investing Europe Conference, only a month away on 21-22 October, 2020.

Belgian company AuXin Surgery said it was the first and only company to launch medical devices for chemically assisted dissection to aid such operations as spine surgery, ear surgery, musculoskeletal surgery and hand surgery while preserving such critical organs as nerves, muscles or vessels. Its fully innovative dissection system, named CADISS, was already being used by several surgeons and the company was signing multiple distribution contracts around the world.

Benoît Verjans, chief executive of AuXin SurgeryInvented by surgeons for surgeons, AuXin Surgery said the benefits of CADISS were numerous for the patient with fewer side-effects and relapses. The surgeon benefitted with faster and easier surgery, no equipment investment, no change of practice. The healthcare system benefitted with the reduction of costs linked to side-effects and relapses, better success rate for the surgery and better quality of life for the patient.

Benoit Verjans (right) is chief executive of AuXim Surgery.

Based in Denmark, Biomodics devised a new catheter to prevent and treat urinary tract infections, a relief to 20,000 patients who suffer a urinary tract infection every year while they are admitted to a Danish hospital, mainly because they have a catheter inserted.

Peter Thomsen, chief executive of Biomodics

The balloon that sits at the tip of the Biomodics catheter is made with a new type of permeable silicone material. This meant that some types of liquid, such as liquid antibiotics, could penetrate it. The new catheter has been tested on pigs, which have the same sensitivity to bacteria in the bladder as humans. During six months of tests, the bladders of the pigs that received the new catheter were completely free of bacteria, whereas all the control pigs that had had a regular catheter had cystitis, Biomodics said. It expected to be able to begin testing the catheter on humans later this year then put the device into production upon approval.

Peter Thomsen (left) is chief executive of Biomedics.

ORamaVR said it was working to revolutionise medical and surgical education through intelligent virtual reality training simulations. The Swiss company wanted to bridge the skills gap, modernise standards and foster remote access using MAGES, its hyper-realistic, virtual-reality simulation-based proprietary software platform for accelerated medical training and assessment.

Paolo Alejandro Catilo, chief commercial officer of ORamaVR

ORamaVR said the cohort of medics which used its technology demonstrated greater improvement in all score categories compared to the standard group in a clinical trial. Proficiency increased 8% after only two 20-minute VR sessions, the company said.

ORamaVR said its target customers included medical universities, hospital systems, surgical training centres and non-governmental organisations.

Paolo Alejandro Catilo (right) is the chief executive of ORamaVR.

US industry experts who worked in endoscopy visual optics for years and successfully introduced impactful devices for physicians and their patients founded their own medtech company 270Surgical in 2016.

Avi Levy, founder and chief executive of 270Surgical

The first 270Surgical product was the SurroundScope System, which consisted of a hardware, software and electro-optic solution that incorporated a myriad of lenses at the distal end of the scope. The result was a specialty laparoscopic system that addressed three long-standing challenges in laparoscopy, including restricted field-of-view, surgical smoke (plume), and lens fogging.

The SurroundScope was the first marketable laparoscope that offered up to a 270-degree field-of-view, which was an increase of 200% compared to other laparoscopes in the market. The company said this expanded field-of-view would considerably benefit general surgery, trauma, OBGYN, and thoracic surgery.

The venture was backed by leading surgeons and by investment funds specialised in medical devices.

Avi Levy (above), is the founder and chief executive of 270Surgical.

Visit MedTechInvesting.com for more information, to download the brochure and to register for the Campden Wealth 30th MedTech Investing Europe Conference on 21-22 October, 2020.

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