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Five reasons to join the North American Family Enterprise Conference in Phoenix

By Steven Sklar

The Campden Wealth North American Family Enterprise Conference in Phoenix on 24-26 February is the ideal event for significant wealth holding entrepreneurs and multigenerational families and their executives from across the Americas—find out why you need to attend.

The conference will provide significant families a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in family enterprises, plus tactics to be a more effective steward of wealth. We will explore the anticipated impact of big trends over the next decade, like AI and ageing, and how families should combine professionalisation with innovation.

Still not convinced? We’ve outlined five reasons you and your family need to join us:

Meet and learn from legendary families and entrepreneurs

If you like shopping, drinking fine bourbon, or buying stuffed animals for your daughter, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with the companies run by some of our conference family speakers—Natalie Hwang (Simon Property Group), Luke Nosek (PayPal, pictured), McCauley Williams Adams and Tanya Carrico (Brown-Forman), and Maxine Clark (Build-A-Bear, pictured). These families and others are sharing key insights to everything from corporate accelerators and exit strategies to family drama and the impact of macro trends.

Get the latest research and trends on family philanthropic giving

Campden and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors are proud to launch the brand new research report on family giving. Families will learn about the tools and approaches used to effect change, the implications of having a strategic time horizon, and how impact investing is—and should be—leveraged to make a difference. All attendees will have the chance to take the research home with them.

Have you ever wanted to own a sports team?

Families will have the chance to ask three sports team owners their questions to make the dream of sitting in the owner’s box come true. First, on 24 February, attendees are invited to the home of Jahm Najafi (pictured), partial owner of the Phoenix Suns. Second, families will have the chance to grill owners of the LA Chargers (Dean Alex Spanos) and the Sacramento Kings (Alex Bhathal), to get the inside scoop on how owning these teams have shaped their views and family dynamics.

Participate in unique, new networking opportunities

We know that justifying a conference to your team means proving it will bring value to your organisation. So whether that means finding deal flow, discovering unique growth strategies, or finding solutions to pressing challenges—it all boils down to networking. Across the three days you will have the chance to engage with 90 plus significant wealth holding entrepreneurs and multi-gen family members and their executives. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to participate in a breakout session sharing business challenges they’re facing and solutions their peers have used.

Private tour of the hottest properties in Phoenix

Limited to 20 private investors, get an inside scoop on some of the newest properties from the second largest multi-family apartment owner/operator in greater Phoenix. This interactive bus tour will highlight the top investment areas and provide insight into the key economic drivers in this region.

For more information on the upcoming conference please contact:

Attending as a delegate: Steven Sklar, (212) 204-2586, stevensklar@campdenwealth.com

Speaking opportunities: David Braham, (212) 204-2582, davidbraham@campdenwealth.com

Partnership opportunities: Paul Ust (212) 693-2792, paulust@campdenwealth.com

Claire Bailey, (212) 204-2587, clairebailey@campdenwealth.com

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