Book reviews: Before I was CEO

By David Braham

The subject of non-family chief executives is always of interest and this book, which includes a chapter on the non-family head of Dutch brewing giant Heineken Jean-François van Boxmeer, grabs your attention. With his background as a media strategist at the World Economic Forum, freelance business writer Vanham's new book focuses on the stories behind a number of chief executives and looks at how they ended up in the sector and leading iconic brands. Van Boxmeer is just one of 20 stories in the book. Jean-François joined the multigenerational brewing family business in 1984. After a two-year training programme, he worked for Heineken in Rwanda, Zaire, Poland, and Italy before becoming chairman and chief executive of Heineken International. This story is a fascinating one which includes war zone management.

 Before I was CEO By Peter Vanham

 Rated 3,5/5

 Published by Wiley

 Pages 220 


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