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Book Reviews: Engaged Ownership - A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses

By Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi

Engaged Ownership is the definitive owner's guide to the family enterprise from the granddaughter of Fisher Price Toys' founder, Amelia Renkert-Thomas. To illustrate her guide, Renkert-Thomas refers to the Owens family, a fictitious third generation family in control of a terracotta manufacturing company. With the sudden and unexpected death of the father, the family needs to come to consensus on their shared purpose and vision. This fictional case study gives practical advice on how families can encourage engagement at the top level. Additionally, it addresses how a natural governance model of 'how we do things around here' can be turned into a more formal and structured framework. The book also provides detailed explanation on how families can create more effective partnerships and advice on how to deal with different personality types within the family.

Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses By Amelia Renkert-Thomas

Rated 4,5/5

 Published by Wiley

Pages 224