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Share your views in new Financing for Growth research

By James Beech

Campden Wealth is asking one of the most fundamental questions in the family business community as the launch pad for its latest agenda-setting study.

The organisation has teamed up with leading global investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) to ask this autumn: How do you finance your family business?

For a 2017 report titled Financing for Growth, the Campden Research team is delving into contemporary funding approaches around the world. They are exploring the methods and sources of capital that family businesses use to finance their development plans. Researchers also hope to better understand the challenges family businesses may face while obtaining capital and what their expectations are towards capital providers.

Sections cover participants' approaches and attitudes to financing, including debt, leverage, sources, capital structure and governance, along with future considerations, such as funding needs, sourcing funding and capital realisation.

Stuart Rutherford, Director of Research, said Campden Wealth was “committed to providing our community of family offices and family businesses with the highest quality intelligence, which serves to satisfy their unique information needs.”

The findings will influence family business activities and capture world headlines, just as the latest flagship study, the 2016 Global Family Office Report, has done since its release in September.

Please click here to begin the survey. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the summary report next year, 20% discounted from entry to one of Camden Wealth's conferences where the findings will be presented, and access to an interactive webinar, which will also present the findings and take questions.

“Please be assured that all data that you provide will be treated as strictly confidential, anonymized and aggregated before it is used in any way,” Rutherford said.

“You do not have to complete the survey in one sitting, you can always use the link provided in order to return and finish the survey if you require more time.”

If you would like to speak directly to one of the researchers before or during the completion of the survey, telephone +44 (0)20 3763 2800 or email research@campdenwealth.com.

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