Ortega heiress works her way up

Billionaire daughter of Zara founder Amancio Ortega, Marta Ortega-Perez could eventually be her father’s replacement. Despite her father appointing non-family Pablo Isla to replace him as chairman after his retirement, some reckon that Marta will eventually take control of Inditex, the owners of Zara.

Marta started as a customer assistant on the shop floor at Bershka. From performing the duties of a clerk she worked her way up, and is now apparently working in the central head office of Inditex in Spain. Often featured in the society pages of Spanish newspapers, the glamorous 26-year old appeared on the list of the 20 most intriguing billionaire heiresses, published in 2007 by Forbes.

Marta has already been appointed as vice president of two Inditex holding companies, Gartler and Partler, which together control almost 60% of the Inditex stock.

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