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The most-read family business articles on CampdenFB.com of 2018?so far

By Nicholas Moody

Holidays half-way through 2018 gives us the chance to reflect on the tumultuous year so far. One way to do so is to look back on the most-read articles on CampdenFB.com, from January's bold investment predictions for families to June's glamorous awards for excellence among European family businesses.

We look back one step further to the Top family business leaders of 2017, then gaze into the near future, 6-7 November to be exact, when Campden Wealth hosts its 20th anniversary European Family Office Conference. Have you registered to join us yet?


Expanding family offices set for bolder investments in 2018

Investment performance and appetite in family office portfolios, along with the number and size of family offices, are expected to grow in 2018.


Classic cars in top gear with passion investors

Passion investors ride a bumpy road in the classic car market, but with the highest standards of restoration, proof of origin and exclusivity, returns are there to be made, say market specialists.


It’s cool to be kind: Family offices and impact investing

The term “impact investing” celebrated its 10th birthday in 2017, a year where it seemed every other investment house launched a new fund offering to tap into the trend. But what does it really take to be an impact investor?


Shared values, shrewd investments: The world’s top 25 independent multi family offices

As family offices continue to grow in structure and wealth, how is this affecting the commercial multi family office industry? How are they managing wealth or is their focus shifting away from investment advice?


Avoiding the “Michael Fish moment”: Behavioural finance and the family office

In the past four years family offices have been consistently over-optimistic about their future investment performance when contributing to The Global Family Office Report. Is behavioural finance the answer to more effective forecasts or should they put more effort into predicting other indicators?


Madrid toasts the winners of the 2018 European Families in Business Awards

Ireland’s Musgrave Group has taken out the top honour at the seventh European Families in Business Awards, presented in Madrid on 12 June. The food retail and wholesale company impressed the judges with its cutting-edge governance structure, and commitment to sustainability and customer well-being.

Stay with CampdenFB.com as we continue to cover global family businesses of substantial wealth in the remaining half of 2018 and beyond.