Let's raise a toast to America's oldest brewer

By Attracta Mooney

When the prohibition ended in 1933, American brewer Yuengling sent a truckload of beer to then-US president Franklin Roosevelt. Rather unsurprisingly, the family business was in the mood for a celebration – it had managed, somehow, to survive the ban on alcohol and could finally get back to doing what it was good at: making beer.

Fast-forward almost 80 years and the company has another reason to celebrate – it’s been named the largest US-owned beer-maker. The brewer produced more than 2.5 million barrels of beer last year, just slightly more than the Boston Beer company, according to Beer Marketer's Insights.

"That makes you proud. It’s not a corporate conglomerate, it’s a family business … and it makes you feel good that people step up to the plate and do their job and make us successful," fifth-generation owner Dick Yuengling told local news provider WNEP-TV.

The family has been making beer (or near-beer products during the prohibition era) since 1829, when German immigrant David Yuengling set up the Eagle Brewery in Pittsville, Pennsylvania. At 183-years-old, Yuengling is the US’s oldest brewery.

With both the oldest and largest titles to celebrate, we wonder will Yuengling follow tradition and send a beer to Barack Obama? 

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