Invest in world-changing startups at MedTech in Lausanne

By James Beech

Devices to beat hospital-acquired infections, prevent opioid overdoses and instantly spot infections in blood are among the pioneering healthcare innovations being showcased to family investors at the upcoming MedTech Investing Europe Conference.

Campden Wealth will virtually host international families, private wealth holders and venture capitalists for its 30th anniversary conference on the rescheduled dates of 21-22 October, 2020. Established since 2003, MedTech Investing Europe has become the longest running specialist investment and partnering conference on the continent. Sector representatives will be available for networking and one-on-one meetings with delegates to provide knowledge, expertise and thought leadership as well as investment opportunities.

Biosensors Beyond Borders, co-founded by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, will present its innovative diagnostic testing service that combines a non-invasive medical device and AI, delivering on-the-spot results in minutes.

In resource-limited settings, patients with life-threatening infectious diseases and cardio metabolic conditions could be identified, Zoltan Bozoky, founder and chief executive of Biosensors Beyond Borders, told CampdenFB.

“Rapid testing for malaria, HIV/AIDS and conditions such as diabetes still use finger-stick blood. Despite the simplicity of these tests, special usage and waste facilities are required. For TB, there is no “one size fits all” test, but often require samples to be sent for lab testing. The advances we are making show that transcutaneous testing is a realistic, affordable and portable option. Results are available almost immediately without the need for a return visit, a feature that will be useful for communities living in remote locations.”

AuXin Surgery, the Belgium-based medical device company, has obtained CE Class III certification for its CADISS System for the surgery of chronic otitis and epidural fibrosis. CADISS is a selective dissection device based on the combination of irrigated surgical instruments with the topical application of a chemical solution adapted to surgery. The chemical solution cleaves selectively the disulfide bonds responsible in part for the adhesion of pathological tissues and for the mechanical strength of fibrosis.

Benoit Verjans (pictured left), managing director of AuXin Surgery, will attend the MedTech conference in Lausanne to explain to delegates how the first commercially available system of chemically assisted surgery responds to a proven need, as it was originally invented by surgeons. The system was expected to facilitate many critical dissection steps when there was a risk of damaging organs such as nerves, veins or muscles or leave pathologic material in the body.

Already this year, Biomodics concluded the first pre-clinical trial of its new-generation urinary catheter and the results are “beyond satisfying,” the Danish company said.

Using its semi-permeable balloon, the test revealed the catheter can be used for local administration of antibacterial drugs, successfully preventing a provoked infection. The trial was a big step towards the development and application of medical devices to solve health complications at the interface between the body and medical devices. Peter Thomsen, chief executive of Biomodics, will update MedTech delegates on patent progress and the next steps to market.

The Swiss-German biotech company Vaximm, focused on developing oral T-cell immunotherapies, is collaborating with China Medical System Holdings to develop and commercialise Vaximm’s pipeline of oral cancer immunotherapy candidates for China and other Asian countries, excluding Japan. Last November, Vaximm signed a strategic clinical trial collaboration agreement and an equity investment agreement to develop novel personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines with NEC, a leader in IT and network technologies. Heinz Lubenau (pictured right), managing director of Vaximm, will attend MedTech to answer questions on how family investors can get involved in the clinical-stage biotech company.

The presenting companies include AuXin Surgery, Biomodics, Biosensors Beyond Borders, LXRepair, Sam Research and Vaximm. Visit for details and to register.

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