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Healthcare startups, Esophageal treatment, hybrid air vehicles and water sustainability at next Campden Wealth funds and direct investments webinar

By James Beech

Exclusive proposals for early-stage healthcare companies fund, a novel esophagus therapy, a hybrid-electric airship and sustainable investments in water conservation will be heard by qualifying family offices and private investors at the latest virtual Campden Wealth Funds and Direct Investments Event on 21 October.

Each of the four investment opportunities will be introduced in 15-minute slots to all family offices and investors online who will be able to ask questions and discuss the potential returns.

Driehaus Capital Management is a privately held investment management boutique based in Chicago with more than $14 billion in assets underz management.

Founded in 1982, the firm manages active growth equity strategies and alternative investment strategies on behalf of diverse global institutional clients comprised of corporate and public pensions, endowments, foundations, sub-advisory, family offices, wealth managers and financial advisers.

The Driehaus Life Sciences (DLS) Fund is a concentrated, long/short healthcare fund with a long bias and an opt-in/out for private investments. Driehaus Capital Management says the fund intends to exploit the inefficiencies in how markets assign risk to development-stage and early-commercial stage healthcare companies. The Driehaus Life Sciences Fund was launched in February 2019 and has $180 million in assets.

EsoCap has built a novel drug delivery system which aims to provide long-lasting local therapy in the gastrointestinal tract and is being tested in a Phase 2 trial.

Esophageal conditions affect 370 million people a year worldwide. However, up to now, there have not been globally approved locally administered treatments, EsoCap said. The esophagus is a particularly challenging environment, as swallowed drugs only remain in the area between the mouth and the stomach for a few seconds.

EsoCap is a privately funded Switzerland-based company created in 2017. The firm has come up with a novel solution to enable targeted and long-lasting local therapy of the esophagus for the first time.

For proof-of-principle, a study conducted on healthy volunteers by EsoCap’s development partner, the University of Greifswald in Germany, demonstrated the functionality of the technology.

As a next step, EsoCap is conducting the ACESO Phase 2 study, recruiting 42 patients with the rare disease eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) at 14 centres in four countries. Data from this trial is expected in the second quarter of 2022.

EsoCap says its technology offers maximal flexibility as multiple relevant drug substances, including biologics and further innovative compounds, can be incorporated into the system, making the drug delivery platform applicable for various diseases of the esophagus.

EsoCap plans to demonstrate clinical feasibility in eosinophilic esophagitis with the ACESO phase 2 trial and use the data from this, and from the other applications in the pipeline, to conduct a transaction with a major biopharmaceutical company.

Hybrid Air Vehicles is behind the innovative Airlander 10 hybrid aircraft. From 2025, the British company says it will offer a hybrid-electric Airlander 10 that will produce 90% fewer emissions than other conventional aircraft while flying up to 100 passengers or 10 tonnes of freight. By 2030, an all-electric Airlander 10 will be available, generating zero emissions in flight.

The first in a planned family of aircraft, Airlander 10 can take off and land from virtually any flat surface and offers a powerful combination of flexibility, persistence, payload and efficiency. Airlander’s characteristics make it a compelling option in mobility, logistics, experiential travel and communications and surveillance roles. Airlander makes it possible to rethink the skies and see an early pathway to decarbonised aviation.

With deposit paid reservations in hand, the company says it is readying itself to launch its production programme in the months ahead.

PureTerra Ventures invests in game-changing, market-creating water technology businesses at the commercialisation stage. Utilising its entrepreneurship, water expertise and network in the industry, the investment firm says it accelerates commercial success and maximises financial returns and the social and environmental impacts of its businesses.

The Amsterdam-headquartered company contributes to SDGs through the conservation of water supply; climate change mitigation and adaptation, and by growing the water capital market.

PureTerra closed a €25 million ($28.9 million) first round in June 2021 and is working towards a €80 million ($92.4 million) final close, to invest in 13-15 water businesses with an initial ticket size of €3 million ($3.4 million).

With more than 2,000 businesses, PureTerra says it possess a comprehensive overview of water technologies available globally. PureTerra’s network, expertise and niche focus enables to drive and benefit from the momentum of financial markets and corporate businesses investing in reduction of the water footprint.

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