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November 22, 2020

Mars family eats Kind bars for bite of health snacks market, Illy family pays for recyclable illycaffe coffee capsule takeaways, family business champion John Hays, of Hays Travel, dies aged 71.

Mars family eats Kind bars for bite of health snacks market

The family-owned conglomerate Mars, Incorporated has acquired in full the company behind Kind nut bars and granola for its boldest $5 billion foray into the health snacks market.

September 1, 2011

Is a degree key to success or are family members better off jumping straight into the business? For some, like Sir Anthony Bamford, the billionaire chairman at JCB, joining the family business was the preferred option.  

Every August, British newspapers are full of pictures of smiling young people, jumping for joy with hands clutched around a piece of paper.

In the accompanying articles, the students, who’ve just received their A-level results - the final set of secondary education exams in the UK - outline their plans for the future. “It’s medicine at Durham University for me”, or “I’m doing law at Oxford”, they say, setting out on the same career path as their parents, or carving out their own niche.

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