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  • Cue Gaelic’s Storm Titanic party song that is the guilty toe-tapping pleasure of anyone alive during the 1990s. The only thing I know that gets people out of their seats and dance as well as this Irish classic is the yields being farmed and 1,000X returns traders are realising on crypto in DeFi this summer. But what is Decentralised Finance and is it just 2020’s new crypto buzzword, or is it radically transforming financial and capital markets as we know them?

  • A pandemic has struck in the form of Covid-19, grinding the global economy to a halt. Politicians are desperately scrambling to enact legislation to protect their constituents as corporate chief executives jockey for the position of being the first constituent in line for their bailout. Unprecedented payments are being made by governments to their citizens to help meet their short-term obligations, and financial markets have utterly collapsed to the tune of extreme volatility, that in crypto, we call Monday.

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