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  • Following the financial crisis and huge redemptions, families are finally beginning to invest in hedge funds again reports Michael S Fischer

  • Recent problems in the Eurozone have reminded investors just how volatile currencies can be. Michael Fischer asks how family offices are managing their foreign currency exposure.

  • Family offices have grown increasingly concerned about their foreign currency exposure in recent months as they have watched the euro spiral downward and sovereign debt problems surface around the world, writes Michael S Fischer.

  • Proposals in the US to regulate private wealth managers could have a profound effect on family offices the world over

  • The economic turmoil is bad news for philanthropy. Michael Fischer explores what next gens need to know about giving when everyone is tightening their belts, and looks at how to get the maximum bang for your buck…

  • What moves are FOs making to ride out the current downturn in the world’s financial markets? Is there still a place for going short?

  • Green is the new black with investors looking to play their part in fighting climate change – all while making a hot profit. The real estate sector is no different discovers Michael Fischer, who analyses how green property can also be an investment worth making

  • Once a family has decided to set up and manage its own hedge fund there are many factors that must be considered. Michael Fischer interviews two families who have already taken the plunge to see what can be learned from their experiences

  • A problem for many companies is how to raise liquidity and yet remain private. Michael Fischer discovers that one firm may have found the answer – a little known electronic
    market that US businesses are keen to join and competitors are desperate to copy

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