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  • Strategic decision making is more complex for a family business than for a non-family business, writes Jurgen Geerlings.

  • Successful business families regard their ownership of the business as a fundamental asset serving a common purpose with the aim of the present generation to transfer successfully to the next, writes Jurgen Geerlings

  • During the life cycle of a family business, there may come a point when the current leader is ready to retire and there is no next generation member ready to take over, writes Jurgen Geerlings

  • After the family business reaches a certain size, it is often necessary to use outside capital to continue business growth, but first the family must identify which form of outside investment works best for them, writes Jurgen Geerlings

  • It is generally accepted that gender diversity fosters the innovation and creativity of an organisation and that it has an overall positive impact on the performance of a business, not least its profitability, writes Jurgen Geerlings

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