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  • In this day and age it is difficult for companies to retain staff long-term, especially the under 35s, and employee benefits can be an added incentive. It appears, however, that it is not only the benefits that encourage long-term service with a company

  • Family business members have a special, emotional attachment to their business and being a consultant to these companies can be a rewarding experience. The best training is experience and a genuine interest in each specific case

  • Don’t Leave it to the Children, by Alan Crosbie (2000)
    Marino Books; ISBN 1 86023 115 2; €14.95

  • Sabrina, directed by Sydney Pollack, 1995

  • While Corleone Imports Inc may seem like a distant reality to the way your family business is run, there are lessons that can be learned from The Godfather– not least how NOT to handle a sticky situation

  • The 80/20 Principle,by Richard Koch Nicholas Brealey Publishing; ISBN 1-85788-168; UK£10.99

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