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  • Too many people are put off by alarming statistics that surround the start-up of new business initiatives, argues James Hutcheson. Although prudence and caution are desirable assets, sometimes it pays to take a chance and ignore the gloom merchants

  • Good governance is the bedrock for effective family businesses – transparency and objectivity are key requirements in the process. Experienced and qualified outsiders on the board is a must if a company is to achieve success, writes James Hutcheson

  • Family members should be encouraged to gradually take on responsibility in running the business as soon as they are able to work – so when the time is ripe for succession, the company will flourish rather than wither on the vine, writes James Hutcheson

  • Family businesses have always been here. They have survived vast change, dominated many fields and have made major, lasting contributions to the economy and to society. It will be interesting to see how family businesses evolve into the third millenium

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