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  • The smoke is starting to clear from the ashes of many private wealth management plans. At Campden’s recent Family Investment Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, family offices said they had lost, on the average, between 17% and 30% of their assets. Some had lost less, others had lost far, far more.

  • You have achieved economic success, and have all the necessary means to enjoy life to the full. But perhaps this is only one small indicia of a successful life. Frederick Metz Shepperd explains how you can contribute to society and create a true legacy

  • Any business that sets its sights on expansion could do worse than look east. The burgeoning markets in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Turkey are fast catching up with the established zones in the west and Asia, writes Frederick Metz Shepperd

  • Friedrich Graepel has steadily cornered the market in components for buses, trucks and industry. The secret of its success, argues Frederick Metz Shepperd, is a prudent approach to expansion, a loyalty to its roots and a willingness to seek outside advice

  • Can experience along the borderland of Mexico and the US bring opportunities for family businesses in Europe to compete in the expanded EU? Frederick Metz Shepperd thinks so

  • Despite the political and economic climate, family businesses should continue to look for a global solution to see them through these times. It may be worth remembering that being close to your customer does not necessary mean being physically close

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