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  • Choosing between legacy and liquidity

  • Sweet Delight Bakery is a family-owned business that operates a network of bakeries in British Columbia.

  • Antonio García (18) worked for Mr Garza in a laboratory preparing food supplements. Antonio was a committed, hardworking and loyal employee. Mr Garza (72) wanted to retire and have some time to enjoy life.

  • Though you wouldn’t guess it today, Rug Bug was just a small-town carpet cleaning company when Constance Brown (58) and her husband Bob (62) bought it from Bob’s father in the early 1970s. From that meager start, Rug Bug has become the largest cleaning and carpet restoration business in the region.

  • When their 45-year old father, Frank, founded his tool and die business he had hoped only for enough business to be able to provide for himself, his wife and their two boys, Roger and Alex.

  • “You take money out of this business and give it to your sons. Then they turn around and compete directly with us. They use our equipment, steal our help and do everything to damage our business!”

  • In December 2002 the Daniels family were enjoying a rare Sunday dinner together.

  • My earliest memories of ‘the business’ were of the Saturday mornings spent with Dad on the factory floor.

  • In the late 1950s Harold Reynolds, as sole owner, founded a gravel and crushed stone business, County Gravel, Inc (“County”) that thrived during a highway construction boom.

  • Jim Waldron, CEO of Capitol Enterprises, an entertainment centre business, is struggling with his son-in-law’s increasingly difficult behaviour.

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