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  • Six months ago I wrote a column warning investors not to be swayed by the allure of so-called star managers who become famous for what is often fleeting outperformance.It would now appear that my warning was justified and just possibly the cult of star managers is drawing to a close

  • There is a question that has the capacity to dramatically alter the direction of not only your own life but also of those dearest to you. It is probably the most important question we will ever pose: what do I want to do with my life?

  • There is nothing like a crisis to make people reassess their goals and ambitions. Recent events in the global banking sector have caused this to happen on a huge scale but I see a version of it every week.

  • For many private investors it would seem that the idea of having money invested in the very top performing funds is what it is all about – continually looking for this year’s “star” manager, usually based on last year’s performance.

  • People and businesses begin relationships with financial advisors for a range of reasons but to my mind the following two are the most important: to help establish financial goals and aspirations and then to put the necessary plans ...

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