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  • Many next generation people face the tough decision of whether to join or stay in the family business – and the FBN conference addressed ways of approaching this dilemma

  • Spain has the opportunity to leverage its family business brands in order to promote the national image abroad

  • Antonio Gallardo, Vice President of pharmaceutical group Almirall Prodesfarma, draws on his family’s experiences and identifies the keys to a successful merger of two family businesses

  • Anyone who visits Spain these days will find it hard to believe it was ruled by dictatorship until just under 30 years ago.

  • As a young researcher over 10 years ago, I remember feeling a little perplexed when family business leaders and family business successors I interviewed described life in the business as “lonely”.

  • Myllykoski may fight its battles in the international marketplace but behind it is the support of a robust and dedicated family, united in ownership and stewardship of its investment

  • Innovative vision and strong values have guided GW Sohlberg through 125 years of mixed fortunes and unexpected surprises

  • In the last three months, my travels in the family business world have taken me to events in Trier, Paris and Chicago, so I have covered a lot of ground in the pursuit of learning and sharing new family business knowledge.

  • Kikkoman: Company, Clan and Community, by W Mark Fruin
    Harvard University Press; ISBN 0-674-50340-6; US$35

  • Barbara Murray talks to Etienne Hugel and learns how the resilient Hugel family overcame war, pestilence and competition, and explores the challenges that planning for future generations of Hugel ownership and control will bring to their longevity

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