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  • In our new series, FB Academy, giving practical ‘how-to’ advice to families, Andrew Keyt, clinical professor at Chicago’s Loyola University, likens bringing on a non-family leader to Thanksgiving.

  • More and more family businesses are bringing in non-family CEOs to help them grow and succeed. But creating the right environment for them to succeed in is tricky, as Andrew Keyt, Joe Astrachan and Tim Blumentritt discovered in a recent study

  • It can often be easier to monitor the success of the business with the appropriate measures, than to address the more emotionally charged success of you as a family. Andrew Keyt explains why a family council is essential to the longevity of the business

  • The next generation need to be given appropriate guidelines and limits to allow them to build a sense of self, self control and responsibility. Andrew Keyt looks at how business owners can avoid their children falling into a sense of ‘negative entitlement’, or a right to wealth

  • With the threat of local competition being eroded by global challenges, family businesses need to strive towards increased flexibility, says Andrew Keyt. Good governance could be the key to keeping your business competitive in a quickly changing marketplace

  • Just because you have a board doesn’t automatically qualify your business as a structured and well-governed operation. Andrew Keyt offers some pointers on how to ensure the board is run effectively and is the forum for discussion and decision-making it should be

  • How does a prominent company keep a low profile in the community? Andrew Keyt gives some pointers on what family businesses can do to protect their reputation and guard against intrusive forces, while at the same time, making a contribution to the community

  • Divisions and squabbles are a feature of the human condition but they do nothing to help a company develop. Andrew Keyt explains how a bit of give and take is essential when it comes to appreciating the roles and contributions of family members and employees

  • Emotional resistance is one of the biggest obstacles to a smooth generational transition. Andrew Keyt explains how good structures and balanced governance systems can help a family function effectively and harmoniously and enable the business to move forward

  • Deep-rooted resentments among siblings can stem from childhood and blight the running of a family’s business. Andrew Keyt explains how effective systems of regulation and open communication between all parties can smooth the path of a company’s trajectory

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