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In this issue’s guest editorial, Carol S Pearson discusses the role archetypal branding can play in the success of a company and how family businesses are particulary suited to it

To succeed in business and be able to compete with the government and foreign investment, family businesses in Brazil need to concentrate on modernisation and educating future generations

Geoffrey Dovey is Chairman of Dovey Premium Products Limited. DPP was formally established in 1977, although the origins of the business hark back to 1958. Geoffrey runs DPP today with his two brothers James and Jeremy. They distribute quality frozen food, drink and spices to Indian restaurants throughout Southern England. Geoffrey has an active interest in family companies and is a trustee of the UK Chapter of the Family Business Network

The 80/20 Principle,by Richard Koch Nicholas Brealey Publishing; ISBN 1-85788-168; UK£10.99

In the last issue, Kelin Gersick described the differences between the ‘pyramid’ view, emphasising the generational expansion of one family, and the ‘network’ view, focusing on the complex relationships among the multiple units of an extended family. Part II of this article explores the implications of that developmental model for the critical tasks of governance and continuity

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