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Gruelling hours and counting every penny. It’s a tough but conventional experience for many entrepreneurs. But the backstory of a Saudi prince? CampdenFB talks business with HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Abdulaziz Al Saud, and how his tissue company is now helping to fund his biggest passion—sport

A small teddy bear might seem like an unlikely hero – but the emblem has now become synonymous with Catalan family business Tous, helping it transform from a small business to international jewellery and accessory brand favoured by the stars

Heading to university in the US, Hussain Al Alawi, 33, got a taste of the highflying lifestyles of some of his classmates. But with a father unwilling to bankroll such extravagance, the third-gen got entrepreneurial

Taittinger was a favourite tipple of Ian Fleming’s James Bond and became the first ever official champagne Fifa served to VIPs at the World Cup in Brazil. Despite its glamorous image, however, the French champagne house adheres to a set of humble family values.

Williams F1 and its founder, Sir Frank Williams, have become icons of British motorsport, but now his daughter is on track to take the wheel.

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