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Jo Macsween comes from a family of haggis aficionados. Macsween of Edinburgh Ltd has been making handmade haggis since 1953 and is currently run by the third generation, Jo and her brother, James. Established initially as retail butchers, the business undertook a certain amount of manufacturing of meat products, including the now famous haggis. In 1996, the business relocated to the world’s first custom-built haggis factory just outside Edinburgh, enabling Macsween to continue producing high quality haggis and meet the ever increasing, world-wide demand

I feel very proud when I manage to help my clients incorporate different perspectives when making their decisions. Narrowmindedness is one of the greatest threats to family business

Pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim employed its former tax principal to see its next generation into leadership. FIB examines Dr Heribert Johann’s unusual role as the first non-family chairman of the shareholders’ committee and next generation mentor

Precious metals trader Heraeus is no stranger to change, but the internal and external challenges of the next year will provide the 153-year old company with its most potent opportunity to shine

Van Eeghen International has survived centuries of war, economic crisis and political reform yet, through astute diversification and investment in niche markets, they remain the only Dutch family with a revered place in the hall of Henokiens

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