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A virtual icon at American breakfast tables, Smucker’s jams have taken their rightful place as one of the family. To this day, family values remain a key ingredient of the company’s success

Andrew Pindar is Chairman of Pindar, a fourth generation family business based in Scarborough, and has evolved his company from a conventional printing company into a cross media organisation with multi-national links. He is also a board member of AlphaGraphics Inc, a 290-store franchise chain operating in 17 countries, and a subsidiary of Pindar. Andrew is married to Caroline and has two children, Zoe and George, aged seven and five

Strategic Planning for the Family Business,
by Randel S Carlock and John L Ward, London: Macmillan-Palgrave, 2001

It’s a tough job making underwear fit for a monarch, but Rigby and Peller are the experts

The Douglas Miller brothers have embarked on an unprecedented expansion programme for their family’s 165 year old store. Despite these changes one thing will remain the same – family succession

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