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The Scotch whisky firm William Grant and Sons is a beacon of good practice in family governance. But this was a hard-won system that has evolved since 1998. Bill Gordon gives some inspiring insights into a bumpy journey that ended in a stable destination

From selling postcards in his room at the Kansas City YMCA in the early 20th century, Joyce Hall’s greetings card empire has become a financial giant. Hallmark has also been dubbed a ‘magical place to work’. Scott McCulloch discovers the secrets of its success

The Simon family’s Publishers Printing Company has held its own against the corporate giants for some time. Loyal employees and reinvested profits have played no small part in the success, as Jim Grote discovers

The Jenkins family parted ways with OFEX in a media frenzy that exposed anti-family business sentiment. But family principal Jonathan is every inch his father’s son – he remains committed to championing the cause of enterprise. Melanie Stern reports

Marchesi de Frescobaldi may be one of the world’s oldest winemaking dynasties, but that hasn’t stopped the family business from grabbing the mantle of modernisation with gusto. Scott McCulloch reports

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