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Booths is a chain of supermarkets in the North-West of England that is in its fifth generation. The company prides itself on customer service, the high quality of its produce – much of it local – and its strong regional identity, writes Emma French

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp talks to Melanie Stern about his first year as CEO of the Danish family business and toy giant Lego, how he led the company out of a period of financial risk and his mandate to fix the national treasure

Foresight and vision have made the Votorantim Group one of the most powerful corporations in Brazil. Joachim Schwass charts the history of the family behind the business and examines the management structures that have helped it to succeed

The Edelman empire reaches around the world and includes clients as diverse as the pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer and the Mormon Church. Richard Edelman tells Melanie Stern about the business and why he gets a kick from challenging consumer fatigue

Bill Ford inherited the mantle created by his great-grandfather Henry. His ability to protect and promote this precious legacy has been tested to the enth degree. He tells Scott McCulloch how he salvaged an ailing firm and why he values the workforce

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