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After 200 years of publishing, John Wiley & Sons really has something to celebrate. Sixth-generation family member Peter Wiley talks to Marc Smith about their brand new book, which commemorates the bicentennial of the Wiley business and family

When a feud between two brothers ripped retailing firm Soriana apart, it seemed unlikely that the family, and business, would survive. But, as the second-generation CEO tells Rodrigo Amaral, rejecting the term “family business” led to the firm’s, and the family’s, success

Laurence Graff is possibly the most important jeweller in the world today. However, as he engages in a significant expansion programme for the business, the size of his family is part of the challenge, as Claire Adler discovers…

A film about the Quandt family has highlighted an issue that has affected some German family businesses through the decades – a history of Nazi involvement. William Boston looks at how and why these businesses are held accountable for the actions of their forefathers

Rogers Communications is today Canada’s foremost provider of cable, telecoms and wireless services. But, as Marc Smith finds out from Edward Rogers, the family business’s story begins with the invention of a world first …

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