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US wealth manager Abbot Downing has established a new business strategy to better focus on single family office clients, with its president stating that more investment entities are transitioning into family offices in the face of increasing regulation.

While many were thinking of resolutions at the New Year, we asked a series of family office and financial services professionals from around the globe to instead consider what they saw as the biggest challenges and opportunities in the year ahead for the investment division of single family offices.

The next generation has hooked onto impact investing like no other – so what do family offices managing multigenerational wealth need to know?

The US’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has announced it will be investigating the individuals behind secretive all-cash purchases of high-end luxury real-estate in a six-month trial programme intended to enhance the treasury’s anti-money laundering efforts. 

Widespread access to digital information and social media could be driving ultra-high net worth millennials to engage more on philanthropy and impact investing, says the author of a new report that is focussed on the next generation’s attitudes to wealth. 

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