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Tax and Jurisdictions

Tax and succession planning for family business owners is a constantly evolving area, where new developments can have serious consequences. Families in Business highlights the most recent tax changes in relation to trusts around the globe

Governance : Divorce

Watching a child get married is an emotional time for any parent, especially if you think their partner is unsuitable. But how can you prevent the family business being affected by a potential divorce settlement? Karen Jones explores the growing world of “pre-nups”

Governance : divorce

Divorce has high costs, both monetarily and emotionally. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of family business, as evidenced by some high-profile cases in recent years. Love, power and ownership can all be at stake when family and business split

Review : The Gilded leaf

The Gilded Leaf: Three Generations of the RJ Reynolds Family and Fortune By Patrick Reynolds and Tom Shachtman.Published by Little Brown & Co, 1989

Roundtable: Trusts

Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s Family Wealth Management Conference to discuss recent trends and developments in trust laws, and the effect on both family offices and families of wealth