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Tax and Jurisdictions

With families spread across many timezones and cultures, offshore banks are adapting to cater for their complex needs. Rodrigo Amaral explains how some banks offer tailor-made services to suit families and that, despite recent news stories, secrecy is their top priority

In February, the world watched as one of the biggest offshore financial centres was investigated for fraud. Simon Hildrey analyses how this investigation came to happen and what the future holds for wealthy families who want to keep their assets secret and safe

Wealthy families and other ultra high net worth individuals who have invested money into Liechtenstein’s LGT bank may find their assets closely scrutinised as the bank is investigated for fraud by the German government.

When deciding how to divide up your estate it is vital to know where each part of your wealth is going. But how important is it to treat all your heirs fairly? Colleen Lief explains how to distribute your wealth and offers examples of those who have got it wrong

When setting up a trust, one of the biggest decisions is choosing a trustee. Who is best able to look after your assets? Simon Rylatt and Geoffrey Todd look at the fundamental questions you must ask before making this vital decision