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Karen Vinton is a family business consultant with Vinton Consulting.

If an heir is to be accepted by the workforce as a valid and hard-working employee, they have to prove they can contribute. At the same time they have to lose the old image of themselves as a free-loading teenager. Karen Vinton sets out the steps to success

Parental expectations and tradition can be a heavy mantle for heirs to inherit. Charles Sasse examines the issues that affect business families from the cradle to succession, and offers insights, practical as well as psychological, into how to lighten the load

One-third of Australian family business leaders do not know who is going to take over the business when they retire. And a study also has revealed that more than a quarter of them do not have an exit strategy in place.

Family leaders can hamper progress and deter successors from taking over the running of the company. Dennis Jaffe summarises why it is important to keep a good work-life balance and the need for leaders to be aware of when the time is right to transfer power

Barbara Murray is director of Family Business Solutions UK.

Passing on the baton of responsibility is not easily achieved, particularly as demographic changes are intensifying the time pressures felt by senior and junior generations to plan their successions. Barbara Murray explains the importance of legacy and preparation

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