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Real Estate

Luxury real estate is often purchased with the heart, not the head. Constance Gustke analyses how your dream home can also be a lucrative long-term investment

With the current credit crunch shaking up the global economy, it is a tricky time for families who are looking to divest real estate. James Phillipps looks at some of those who are selling parts of their portfolio and offers some advice on the best way to do it

Once a family has its real estate portfolio in place, it faces the issue of ownership. Should it be owned by the family or the company? James Moore asks how this issue can affect family dynamics and how it can easily be resolved

The Bank of Scotland has taken a minority equity investment in The Miller Group, the UK’s largest privately-owned property business.


The real estate sector has experienced bull market conditions in the first half of 2007.
Stuart Beevor examines how the savvy investor can profit from the sector’s strong diversification characteristics and reap the returns

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