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Increasingly, business families have become enslaved with the role of wealth preservation for future generations. Charles Lowenhaupt asks whether it may be more rewarding to focus on the human issues of wealth, recognising the benefits rather than the burdens it can bring

As businesses are being forced to respond to environmental and philanthropic issues Jonathan Wild, third generation chairman of Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, tells how his Yorkshire family business grappled with the burden of corporate social responsibility

Suzy bibko is editor of Families in Business.

Asian family business are returning some of their globally-made fortunes to good causes back home, fueling a growing philanthropic sector in Asia. Michael Yeoh reports on the business families who traditionally preserved their wealth for family

Instilling a sense of ‘giving’ into the next generation can release a passion and bring with it a motivation. Joachim Schwass explains why this is the ideal tool for linking the younger generation to both the business and the family’s values

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