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The Stronach family, founders and controlling shareholders of Cananda-based Magna International, could relinquish more than 40 years of control today when shareholders vote on whether to eliminate the company’s dual share structure.

On the surface family feuds don’t look so good for business. They mean decisions are often put off as family energies get diverted to emotional disputes, not the running of the company, writes David Bain

Tax raids by governments on private banks, such as the one on Wednesday by German investigators on Credit Suisse offices, are a short term move by governments to raise cash but do not address the underlying problems, according to one family office executive.

Octogenarian L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt has dominated the headlines this week as a string of allegations have emerged about her financial affairs, writes Katie Barker.

In general, we discourage families from leaving their homes to multiple children as it can often lead to family conflict, but following some simple rules can lessen potential problems, write Paul and David Karofsky.

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