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Family Business

Jo Macsween comes from a family of haggis aficionados. Macsween of Edinburgh Ltd has been making handmade haggis since 1953 and is currently run by the third generation, Jo and her brother, James. Established initially as retail butchers, the business undertook a certain amount of manufacturing of meat products, including the now famous haggis. In 1996, the business relocated to the world’s first custom-built haggis factory just outside Edinburgh, enabling Macsween to continue producing high quality haggis and meet the ever increasing, world-wide demand

I feel very proud when I manage to help my clients incorporate different perspectives when making their decisions. Narrowmindedness is one of the greatest threats to family business

Big business or big bucks is the choice presented to a family business through mergers and acquisitions, depending on how it views its future. Melanie Stern explains how the challenges faced by this sector proves that size has never mattered more in either case

At a time when banks are increasingly cautious about lending money, the stock market can be an attractive alternative source of capital for a family business – and, explains Georges van Erck, an IPO need not mean the family loses control of the business

A family business that is mindful of the need for proper planning, monitoring and maintenance of legal issues will ultimately be more profitable and successful over the long-term

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