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Family Business

UPDATE AND IMPACT: research centre for entrepreneurship

Johan Lambrecht and Diane Arijs are respectively director and scientific researcher of the Research Centre for Entrepreneurship, EHSAL-KU Brussel in Brussels.

"Any fool can make a fortune. It takes a man of brains to hold on to it after it is made."

Theresa Flynt is no successor waiting in her father’s shadow. The daughter of controversial publisher Larry tells Melanie Stern how her Hustler-branded retail spin-off is bolstering LFP’s bottom line, as it arrives in Europe

Fresh from winning the 2004 IMD – Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Distinguished Family Business Award, Joachim Schwass reports on the Barilla family and the history behind their flourishing bread and pasta empire

The globalisation of world economies means many family businesses must grow strategically to survive. More often than not, the growth capital requirements of the family firm clash with the liquidity and control needs of the family shareholders. What to do? Francois de Visscher explains

The end of succession by autocratic decree wasn’t the threat it appeared. Career choice has paved the way for a uniquely business-savvy next generation – who join the fold because they’re passionate about their family business. Melanie Stern reports

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