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The two-volume history, The House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson, gives remarkable insight into how the Rothschild family prospered as a formidable force in Europe throughout the 19th century and has maintained the tradition to this day

Paul is Europe’s fastest growing bakery chain. Maxime Holder, Operations Director of Paul, talks about the history of the business and how the family have approached the future issue of a generation transition

Suzy Bibko talks with Bernard and Michel Lacoste and discovers how a weekend business built around an alligator becomes a clothing empire in the short span of 39 years

Barbara Murray talks to Etienne Hugel and learns how the resilient Hugel family overcame war, pestilence and competition, and explores the challenges that planning for future generations of Hugel ownership and control will bring to their longevity

Geoffrey Dovey is Chairman of Dovey Premium Products Limited. DPP was formally established in 1977, although the origins of the business hark back to 1958. Geoffrey runs DPP today with his two brothers James and Jeremy. They distribute quality frozen food, drink and spices to Indian restaurants throughout Southern England. Geoffrey has an active interest in family companies and is a trustee of the UK Chapter of the Family Business Network

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