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Asia is the latest buzzword in business. Whether it’s outsourcing in India or opening a branch office in China, things seem to booming in these two countries.

Suzy Bibko is editor of Families in Business.

Marilyn Monroe once said, "A career is born in public, talent in privacy". Interesting words to mull over in the context of family business, where both careers and talent are expected to be born and honed in privacy. But what happens when the family firm goes public?

Family values can be an extremely emotive subject for many people. Just look at how so many issues the world over can result in extremists taking action in the name of ‘family values’: abortion centre bombings, gay rights protests and religious intolerance.

Scott McCulloch is editor of Families in Business.

Scott McCulloch is editor of Families in Business.

If your family failed to discuss hedge funds over turkey and cranberry sauce this Christmas then yours, say 'financial therapists', was a missed opportunity. Some families would rather engage in collective root canal treatment than discuss money. If the army of family business consultants are to be believed, that could be changing. Money, they say, is the last taboo.

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