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In an effort to give our news coverage and the wider issues affecting business-owning families a global, realtime significance, is delighted to unveil a brand new roster of highly regarded columnists.

People and businesses begin relationships with financial advisors for a range of reasons but to my mind the following two are the most important: to help establish financial goals and aspirations and then to put the necessary plans ...

This year’s annual meeting of Wal-Mart shareholders on 6 June may have ushered in a new era for the world’s largest retailer. A son-in-law, Gregory B Penner, was named to a board seat reserved for family members.

Let’s suppose that your goal is for one of your children to take over the family business some day. How do your children feel about this?

At some point in the last couple of months, it is likely that many of you would have had exactly the same thought, which inevitably would have led to a quick phone call to their advisor or lawyer: “What do we have sitting in Liechtenstein and is there anything we should be doing about it?”

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