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Asset Management

One third of all money placed offshore is managed by the Swiss financial sector. No other jurisdiction comes close to matching or challenging the dominance of Switzerland. Bob Reynolds reports

Switzerland has one of the most favourable tax regimes of anywhere else in the world –­ for both individuals and corporations. A good place to sit back and enjoy a fine cigar explains Dieter Weber and Rudolf Sigg

Around 1% of family businesses use venture capital as a source of funding, compared with more than 25% of non-family businesses. So how can venture capital be made more palatable to family firms, asks Tony Bogod

Melanie Stern talks to Urs Roth, CEO of the Swiss Bankers’ Association, in a frank analysis of the arguments surrounding Swiss banking secrecy laws, surely one of the longest-running disagreements in the financial services industry and of great interest to wealthy business families

Just as having too little money can be emotionally troublesome, so can having too much; family business inheritors need to work hard to establish a sense of self in the face of an ­all-encompassing financial security blanket, says Melanie Stern

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