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Women and Millennial investors make an impact

By James Beech

Women, Millennial and second-generation clients are driving the growth of the global impact intermediary sector, says a non-profit member organisation for impact investors.

Women, more often than men, were asking for impact related services (60% women, 40% men), Toniic found in its T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants.

While Gen Xers and Baby Boomers make up 78% of client lists, the rise in demand for intermediary services for Millennial impact investors formed the remaining notable 22%.

Clara Barby, of Bridges Fund Management said in the report: “A lot more women coming into impact investing and women often being the ones who really want to go deep.”

Jack Meyercord, of Bienville Capital, said daughter-in-laws were driving many inbound queries about impact investing.

Alena Meeker, of Merrill Lynch, said: “Our firm has done research that points to the fact that

Millennials, and women in particular, are asking for impact more and more.”

Ivo Knoepfel, of onValues, noted the rise in interest from Millennial impact investors.

“For the first time, 25 and 35-year-olds are approaching us here in Europe. They seem quite at ease in asking for independent advice. We see the clientele expanding–not just at the ultra-high net worth level, but also smaller private banking clients.”

Toniic surveyed 37 impact practitioners, advisers and consultants from a dozen countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, who are partnering with participants of Toniic's first report T100 Launch: Insights from the Frontiers of Impact Investing, published in December 2016.

All 37 respondents saw their business growing and one-third expect a “significant increase” in clients in the coming year.

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