How some of the biggest names in sport were brought back to health by an innovative medical group

American Football icon Peyton Manning
Max Lewinsohn of Wellbeing International Foundation reveals how the MedTech firm’s unique and ethical treatments have boosted performance, increased longevity and promoted optimal health for some of the biggest sports stars on the planet.
By Glen Ferris

In 2010, having tried numerous solutions to repair a damaged knee caused by multiple sports injuries over the years, successful multi-disciplinary business leader Max Lewinsohn sceptically turned to Wellbeing International Foundation. He was so impressed with the results of the treatment that, as the old adage goes, “he bought the company”!

A medical research and advisory group that has discovered how to optimise the body’s own defences, fighting injury and disease while also providing a significant boost to the immune system, Wellbeing International Foundation focusses on cell-free therapy using a client’s own extracellular vesicles (EVs), obtained from their own stem cells, to help stimulate the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue in a wide range of pathologies.

Since joining the board as chairman following a reorganisation in 2016, Lewinsohn has witnessed first-hand the effect of the treatment, not only on himself, but also some of the biggest names from the sporting world. 

Here, in his own words, Lewinsohn reveals how Wellbeing’s unique and ethical treatments has boosted performance, increased longevity and promoted optimal health… 


Max LewinsohnMY OWN STORY
“I was one of Wellbeing’s first patients in 2010. I had a ruined right knee, from multiple sports injuries. Over the years, I played a lot of tennis and did a lot of skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing. The pain from all that impact sport was really restricting me and I came across Wellbeing by chance,  having been introduced by a friend and I did my own research.

“I figured that the worst outcome was that nothing would happen, but the result was unbelievable. I could tell within about a month, when I was on a beach in Brazil kicking a ball around and I suddenly realised I was actually running, not jogging! 

“It was then that I became aware of some of the other side benefits of the treatment, the arthritis in my hips had completely gone and, in many ways, I started to feel like I was back being in my 20s again! 

“I was sceptical at first, but after seeing the benefit to my knee and all these other benefits, I became a strong believer. So, in 2016, when I was asked if I would consider becoming chairman and investing in the company, I said I'd be delighted. 

“Now, feeling sharper and fitter, than I have in years, I’m looking forward to the next ski season and getting ready for a heli-ski drop later this year.”


Considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, the former NFL American footballer played for 18 seasons. However, in 2011, he faced a career-ending neck injury. Following treatment from Wellbeing International Foundation, he returned to a $95 million deal with the Denver Broncos and went on to win his second Superbowl. 

“Peyton had a really bad neck injury and at one stage he couldn't lift the ball, let alone throw it. Everybody pretty much thought his career was finished. 

“One of his rehab doctors thought Wellbeing had a good chance of really helping. We treated him in Zurich, Switzerland, and we helped to get him back to full fitness. The resulting signing with the Denver Broncos and going on to win the Superbowl again was a real fairy tale story. 

“He was very proud about how he recovered and finished  his career, and word spread quietly to other NFL players over the years. He remains in regular touch with our CEO today and is a great example of saving and extending a top flight career.”


A tight end American footballer who started his career for the New Orleans Saints, in 2017 Jimmy Graham came to Wellbeing following a serious knee injury that stopped him from training. Following treatment by Wellbeing, he returned for his best-ever season at the Seattle Seahawks, followed by four more seasons for the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

Jimmy is an exceptional character. Being a tight end, he's a big, tall guy and when he came to us in 2017, he had a very bad patella knee injury. He was playing but was in such pain he couldn’t train during the week. He was being given painkillers to get him on the field because he was an important player but, because he couldn't train, he couldn't build up any muscle to protect the knee. 

“He really thought that was going to be his final season when he came to us for the first time. We treated him first in London and he was pretty sceptical about the likely outcome. He told me later that within a few hours of the treatment he could walk and jog pain free, which he hadn't done for at least 18 months. After a second infusion, he got really fit, was able to tolerate a much higher intensity of training and was able to build the muscle needed to help protect his knee. 

“The next season was great at the Seahawks and he then got a $30 million deal to move to the Green Bay Packers.”


An American professional big wave surfer best known for setting the world record for the largest wave ever surfed, and star of the HBO series “100 foot wave” which won an Emmy in 2022. In 2016, Garrett McNamara suffered a severe wipeout on a 50-foot wave, resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a broken upper arm that required surgery. 

“I met Garrett originally through his agent and we got talking about his achievements and injuries - he was having problems with his neck and back and his skin was suffering from years of exposure to the sun and sea. Now, as a result of treatment with Wellbeing, he and his wife, Nicole (an environmental sciences teacher) say his skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

“He's been quite an ambassador for us in terms of introducing other parties. It's interesting how many people from different walks of life know about him because even though they might not do that stuff themselves, they recognise what he’s achieved.  

“I last spoke to him a couple of weeks ago and he said, ‘Max, you know, I haven't done big waves for a while now. I just didn't feel my body could take it, but now I feel so good I'm ready to get back out there!”

Wellbeing also treats a range of neurodegenerative and cancer conditions. Discover more about Wellbeing International Foundation here.

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