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Welcome to our new columnists

Marc Smith is editor of Families in Business.

In an effort to give our news coverage and the wider issues affecting business-owning families a global, realtime significance, is delighted to unveil a brand new roster of highly regarded columnists.

Every week they will review "the big issues" and give their expert opinion on what it means to you – the family business. Specifically we will focus on two significant spheres of influence: governance and finance & investment. Separately, we will also be covering the luxury lifestyle field, with our columnists bringing you the news from the latest launches, parties and social occasions.

From a governance perspective we have picked the cream of the crop. Kicking off with John Ward and Otis Baskin, the family business experts you will be hearing from in the coming weeks and months include: INSEAD's Randel Carlock, IMD's Joachim Schwass and Joe Astrachan from Coles College of Business.

A range of financial experts, including family office executives, high profile advisors and market-leading fund managers will bring you a different perspective on investment and asset protection as it relates to family business owners.

I trust they will inform, educate and entertain you. They will hopefully also rile and challenge you from time to time – and I hope you will let us know when that is the case.

Best wishes,
Marc Smith

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