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Week at the top

Sunil Mohinani is a second generation family member working in his family business which has interests in plastics/packaging manufacturing, as well as chemical trading and distribution in Africa, UK and Asia. As managing director of SARA (London), he is responsible for the Group's international trading of polymer resins and is also a trustee of the UK Institute for Family Business. He is married to Sonia and has two children

6.30am: touchdown at London Heathrow from Lagos. A 10-day business review/client PR trip in West Africa has left me exhausted so I spend the morning catching up on some sleep .

I have a pleasant lunch at home with my wife and children and catch up on last week's events. Sujan's karate classes are going well and he's due for another grading next week. Krsna has fallen back slightly in her swimming classes and we need to spend some time developing these skills. My sister-in-law wants to quit her prestigious investment banking job to 'take it easy'. I support her views, albeit reluctantly, and update her on events with my parents who I saw when I was out in Ghana .

At 3pm I attend a yoga class which helps me stretch out and alleviate some of the effects of air travel and a hectic trip. Then I have a coffee with my family on the High Street followed by a visit to our local park .

In the evening we have dinner with friends at a newly discovered Korean restaurant in 'no man's land'. I love Korean food, but find this particular restaurant disappointing and certainly not worth the trek. Nevertheless the company is great and we all have a very enjoyable evening.

8.30am start: a cursory glance at The Sunday Times, followed by a trip to Holland Park. My son's football coaching session starts at 10.30am. His goalkeeping skills certainly seem to be improving. I'm happy with him taking up this position (as long as he doesn't adopt a David Seaman hairdo). After a quick shower at home we join my wife and other family members for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.

Sunday evening is spent at home trying to complete the other sections of the newspaper I wasn't able to complete earlier.

Rise at 7am and start the week with an enthusiastic 25-minute jog up Primrose Hill and back again. A quick glance through The Times with my morning cup of tea is followed by a shower and breakfast. Leave home at 8.30am and spend a precious 10 minutes with my daughter before I drop her off at school, enroute to the office.

I arrive at the office at 9.25am and catch up on emails/mail until 11am. This is followed by an update from our head of finance. We recap on various issues and draw up a revised agenda for the next fortnight .

I have a quick lunch at my desk, reading The Financial Times and then write up my notes from my visit to West Africa.

I make a few calls to executives and clients to recap on some key decisions made during my visit and we meet to iron out the modalities of the agreed action plan.

In the evening I meet a friend who's in town for drinks and dinner. We met at a management programme in Boston earlier in the year and share our experiences and progress since then. Back home by 11pm.

Start the morning with a long distance call to our offices in Hong Kong and India to get an update on various issues. This requires follow-on calls to various senior managers on pending issues needing urgent action .

I run through my calendar and tasks and make certain changes due to revised travel plans. I have to fit in a visit to Asia to meet senior executives of a leading supplier undergoing key changes to seek reassurances of their support for us.

An overseas client is visiting our offices and and I join this meeting with our team, understanding more on the latest developments and market trends. I leave the office at 7.30pm and spend a few moments with my children before they head off to bed.

At 10.30am I leave for a meeting at Canary Wharf which is followed by lunch with our lead bankers.

Having attended several other meetings in the City I head back and arrive home by 6.30pm – early today!

After an early dinner, my wife and I tune in to watch some dated episodes of '24'. After some light reading its early lights out at 10.30pm.

At 10am I discuss our East African strategy with our general manager. This is followed by a conference call with our Nairobi representative to discuss our views on the business going forward. We conclude that it is the right time to appoint a distributor in Tanzania and agree on an action plan.

I then review our purchase track record from one of our leading suppliers who will be visiting the office this afternoon .

There is an annual business review meeting with our suppliers which is followed by an early dinner. I slip out to join my wife for our son's parent/teachers meeting in between and join them at the restaurant

Catch up on some pending emails before my 10.30am appointment with a consultant advising on a new packaging project we are working on. This is followed by a quick lunch.

I am planning a trip to Hong Kong and China in 7 days time. I finalise an agenda as well as a list of requisite meetings, which is emailed to our general manager over there prior to my leaving the office.

Evening is spent at the cinema with my wife and some friends – a relaxing end to a busy week.

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