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Week at the top

Cypriot-born Andreas Liveras made his fortune in England in the food business. But retirement left him wanting and so over the course of 20 years he built up one of the most successful yachting companies in the world. Liveras is currently building five splendid yachts aimed at the charter market.

The hotel staff at Athens Airport wake me at 4.30am. By 5.45am I am sitting in my seat on Alitalia: destination Nice via Rome. I arrive at 10.30am and am driven to my office in Monaco by my secretary.

By midday I am staring at mountains of paperwork on my desk, putting me right off the idea of lunch. Dinner is more welcome and I am accompanied by my two assistants who fill me in on events of the past month as I have been absent from the office. By 11.45pm I am happy to find myself in bed.

My first appointment is at 8.30am and lasts an hour. By the time I talk to the banks to be briefed on euro/dollar currency developments it's 11am. I spend an hour and a half with my charter manager and lunch becomes a sandwich in the office. Wine is definitely out of the question as we carry on working until 8pm when I leave the office to dine with one of my charter brokers and his wife. The food is good and the fine French wine goes down a treat. That night I sleep extremely soundly...

Kyri Kyriacou, my managing director for SeaChange, and I leave the office in Monaco at 7.30am for a meeting in Italy at 10am. We arrive on time and meet the chairman and managing director of one of the top shipyards in Italy to discuss prices and conditions for our two new 100-metre yachts we will begin building in November 2004.

The meeting is pleasant but the espresso too small and frankly awful. We miss lunch (as well as breakfast) and rush back to the Monaco office to collect our luggage for our flight to Athens that evening. The flight takes us via Zurich and we finally reach the final destination of my yacht, Princess Tanya, at 2.30am. As usual I am grateful for the comfort of my bed soon after.

Kyri and I leave the yacht at 8am after a hearty breakfast laid on by the crew. We drive the hour-long journey to reach Elefsis shipyard where we are due to inspect our second new build, 'Alysia', due for delivery in July.

The yacht has been chartered for the Olympic Games in August so we're following its completion works closely. We have a long meeting with the shipyard directors taking us through lunch. Dinner is scheduled on board Princess Tanya in the company of our naval architects. The day ends with a typical Greek meal.

I catch the fast ferry for Syros Island where the first of the new builds, the Annaliesse, is due for delivery next month. We arrive in Syros at 11.30am, visit the yacht and break for lunch at 2pm to enjoy a meal at one of the many seafront restaurants competing daily to offer the best souvlaki, moussaka and ouzo.

At 3pm we return to the shipyard to meet our project engineers and resolve some of their temporary problems. Dinner is at Baylas, a restaurant where the local 'poison', Rakia, is sipped safe in the knowledge that our long day is drawing to a close.

I leave my house at 7.30am, visit the yacht once again, and make preparations for a visit of our three top agents. These are the exclusive agents for the SeaChange programme who have followed the build throughout its construction. A full day of discussions follows a walk round the yacht. Another long Greek dinner awaits us in the evening where we plan the following days' activities.

This morning I catch the 7.30am ferry back to the Greek mainland and visit  Princess Tanya, one of our yachts due to receive US clients this weekend.

I walk around with Captain and we compile a snag list of any potential 'fixes' that need to be carried out before our clients arrive.

All is well so I make my way back to Elefsis shipyard where I have a meeting with a propospective client who is keen to see the progress of the vessel, our second new build.

We go for lunch and then I head back to Princess Tanya where we welcome our US clients on board with a glass of ­champagne.

Business completed and I travel to the airport to take a flight back to Monaco – and the start of another busy week.

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